Baby Dedications
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Congratulations on your desire to
dedicate your child to the Lord

A Baby dedication is a public commitment you make before God, your church, and your family.

The dedication service provides you, the parents, an opportunity to express publicly your desire to lead and spiritually nurture your child in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, so your child will develop a desire to love God and love others.

HEC encourages all parents to dedicate their children based on scriptural teachings. In the New Testament, following the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph took the infant Jesus to the temple and dedicated Him (Luke 2:22-24).

baby dedications

Baby Dedication Ceremony

There is no age limit for dedication

Babies are proof that God still believes in us! Every Fourth Sunday of the month we offer baby dedications where children are blessed and confirmed as gifts to their families and our community.

During that particular morning worship service, one pew will be reserved for each family having a baby dedicated.  At the appropriate time in the worship service, the Pastor will invite parents, godparents and the child being dedicated to come to the front of the sanctuary to begin the Baby Dedication Ceremony.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, a Certificate of Dedication will be provided to the parents.

You must fill out the appropriate paperwork from the church office or online.

For more information:

Please call us at 718-485-2844 or email susie.durant@hecnyc.org